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Letter to my Soulmate

Happy birthday my dear Soulmate!

I can’t believe another year has already gone by! I hope you will have a fantastic day, inebriated by the love of those who have the privilege of being around you and who share everyday life with you. You already have a lot of things that people would ask for so I thought of sending you a non-conventional type of wish. 

My wish for this new year of your life is that you will fall in love with who you are, warts and all, like they say. I wish you will take the time to find out the million beautiful facets that compose your beautiful and unique personality. You’ve taken many trips around the world but this year I hope you will embark on the most important of all, which is the one within yourself (if you haven’t done so already!!). 

We all strive to be the best version of ourselves but nothing can be accomplished if we don’t love ourselves first. It sounds trivial and obvious but the journey within is the hardest to take. It requires Truthfulness to see ourselves for who we really are and assess our situation with honesty; a strong and sincere Desire to face our worst fears; Humility to let ourselves experience and release the pain and grief that we have stored in the depth of our soul since childhood, Faith in the fact that we can improve our condition no matter where we stand today and in the fact that rewards will always come from doing what is right, ethical and moral in God’s eyes, happiness being just one of them; And last but not the least Courage to forgive those who hurt us in the past and to repent for the hurt we ourselves caused to others by acting out of the pain of wounds that we chose not to cure through forgiveness. 

We all have demons to fight and what I have learned from my own experience is that the greatest amount of happiness and clarity of mind comes from the confrontation and resolution of them. 

I wish you will learn to treat yourself with the same gentle touch that you reserve to others and that you will learn to talk TO yourself ABOUT yourself with the same compassionate and understanding words that you use with those who surround you. We normally are more judgmental and critical towards ourselves than towards anybody else in the world. We learn early on to beat ourselves up for our mistakes and we believe we deserve to live indefinitely in the pain and suffering created by our wrong doings but we would never use the same harsh words or violent treatments towards a dear friend of ours. We mistreat ourselves and while doing that we forget how much we are loved and cared for already by God who is not a punishing, wrathful dictator but a loving and compassionate father whose only desire is to correct, in a loving and gentle way, our wrong beliefs and shower us with his Love.

Therefore, my last wish for you (Halleluiah, I know!) is that you will learn to see yourself the same way God sees you today: a beautiful soul full of great qualities, only few of which are Integrity, honesty, curiosity, energy, passion, modesty, stubbornness, creativity, romanticism, sensitivity, loyalty, empathy, a passionate drive for anything that catches your attention and a strong desire to be at service of others. You can accomplish anything you put your mind into and you are not afraid of exploring the unknown. You're a truth seeker and a risk taker.  You’re open minded and you put everything to the test in a practical way often stepping into the “think outside the box” philosophy. Your heart is pure and big enough to be a shelter for all the hearts that gain access to it.

Your Heightened sensitivity makes you appreciate the colorful strokes of a painting, the intense vibration of a music note, the smell of a flower, the magic of sunset, the soothing caress of a poem, the warmth of a hug, the carefree chirping of birds, the enchantment of a starry night sky, the crispy fragrance of freshly cut grass, the melodious aria of crickets at twilight, the hypnotizing swing of a hammock, the regenerative power of nature. 

I feel extremely privileged to have crossed your way and I wish you all the happiness that one could hope for, and more if you already have it. You deserve all the good things in this world and I hope you will celebrate yourself everyday and especially today that is all and only about you.

Much Love, My Dearest Soulmate! 

Here is a song from one of my favourite composers, Ludovico Einaudi. It’s called "Divenire", which means "To Become". It's been difficult to choose between this one and two others that I like the most ("Night" and "Ora") but the title of this particular song is pregnant with meaning for me and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do:

God bless you, always. Take good care!

For more info on Soulmates please watch the following video:


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